English editing

If you are writing a report, a technical proposal, a manual, a strategic review or a scientific paper, you will most likely want someone to check the English grammar, punctuation and spelling (British or American).

Like most writers, you will look for an English native speaker, with editing experience in your sector and with type of document you are writing. I can offer you all that and much more.

As an experienced editor, my task is to ensure your writing, whether in print or online, communicates your message clearly, concisely and accurately to your readers in a style that will engage them.

The editor’s work

As well as English grammar, spelling and punctuation, your document is carefully edited to ensure:

The overall structure is logical, consistent and easy to read.
The paragraphs (alineas in Dutch) are well organised and the content flows logically and easily.
The sentences are clear and concise, without repetition and unnecessary words.
The writing style reflects you and your organisation, and is pleasing and suitable for your target audience.

Sector experience

My services are backed by experience in editing 100 documents and millions of words for technical specialists, engineers, scientists, tender writers and communications managers in:

Transport, infrastructure and engineering
Architecture and construction
Environment, agriculture and forestry
Pharmaceuticals, plastics and industrials
Health, food and nutrition
Economics and banking
Science and technology


Clear, concise, consistent and correct